Monday, April 8, 2013

Rumble Rumble Rumble

Here are pics from British promotion ASW's March 30 All Star Rumble held in New Brighton. I love a good old-fashioned Battle Royale! The only strange thing about this match (featuring the likes of Rampage Brown and Robbie Dynamite) is that the ring was mounted on a stage and the audience watched the action from one side of the theater.


  1. Love everything about Rampage! His Look, His Attitude and how he Punishes his opponents. Incredible shots ( above ) of him moving in to do some damage to his victim while being held in a full-nelson. ( Im sure the kid took a nice shot.) But..The shot of him standing over his victim who is hanging onto the ropes..Awesome! Giving the kid a chance to get up, so he can knock him down again. Nice!!

  2. I find this kind of brawl annoying. One can't keep track of the truly interesting wrestlers or confrontations. Chaos does not make good entertainment.

    1. I prefare one-on-one (so to speak) to tagteam ...and these to battle royal style matches.

      I find these harder to watch because I prefare to follow certain wrestlers, rather than a melee of guys