Friday, April 5, 2013

Body Shots

Brian Cage

Ashton Vuitton

Jessie Godderz

Johnny Moss

Robbie E (aka Rob Eckos)

Justin Gabriel

Primetime Playaz

Timm Wylie

Mike Bennett


  1. All the dudes are hot in this group of men.

  2. I'd like to see a three-way match involving Brian, Timm, and Johnny.

  3. Great selection of totty, er.. i mean 'wrestlers'!

    Favs -
    Aston Vuitton (he is almost too hot!)
    Jesse (every inch of his body bulges)
    Justin Gabriel (that damn cuteness of his gets me everytime!)
    Mike Bennett (grr.. gets hotter as he gets older)

  4. Gotta say, HOT for me is Timm Wylie. Face, Body, 5 0'clock shadow, Oh, those trunks on his Oh so delicious waist, those Biceps and that incredible chest..I could watch him work a guy in a side headlock for hours! YUM!