Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beefcakes In Black

Here are more beefcakes in black ring gear and sportswear. Got a favorite?
Gunner (aka Phil Shatter)

Rob Terry

Triple H

Blake Warning (UK)

Matt Morgan

Unidentified TNA wrestler

Chase Stevens

Baby-faced Pitbull (UK)

Joel Redman (UK)

Jason Wayne

Robert Roode


  1. Who can narrow it down to one? Rob Terry has the muscles of a Greek statue cone to life, but nobody beats Phil Shatter, Triple H, or Robert Roode when it comes to tight, round, bubble butts!

    1. and that's a good thing? I guess you have different taste than me, the whole greek god thing just doesn't do anything for me, too much muscle imo

  2. Rob or Terry's are my favorite love Black when its shiny and rubber looking