Friday, February 24, 2012

Big Squash Jobs

"Tribute to a throw back era of low budget wrestling where wrestlers had thick gym bodies and the matches were slower and more methodical with lots of sweat." If that description of this video offering from OldSchoolBrawlers on YouTube doesn't pique your interest, I don't know what will. 



  1. Oh to have been around when "Jerry Roberts" was wrestling in the south. That's him 3 pics down in the white trunks. You might recognize him as Jacques Rougeau Jr, who when he started wrestling didn't want to seem to be making it only because he came from the great Rougeau wrestling family, so he wrestled as Jerry Roberts. He often tagged with Terry Taylor, the last two pics, against some big villain tag teams.

  2. They were all great but i do prefer todays wrestlers better

  3. Having grown up in the era of OLD SCHOOL, I must be honest and say.....I MISS IT !!! An old school Heel, Punishing and working his Jobber w/ chops-knee drops-eye gouges-fishhooks-all type fist shots-gut punishments-slamming a Jobbers head into the turnbuckle. That was, in my eyes, what wrestling was all about. The Heel punishing his victim anyway he could, to win the match. The dirtier he got, the better the match was. So sorry to see it gone!