Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jim "Shoots" Steven Walters

Regular contributor Jim from Chicago emailed me the newest set of photos he took of young indie wrestler Steven Walters. Here's Jim's message: "I went to a Pro Resistance show on Friday (feb. 17) and got these shots of Steven Walters. Before the match began the Sheik and his manager came out into the ring and got the crowd riled up.  While the crowd's chants began drowning out whatever the manager had to say, Steven Walters came out, grabbed a mic and challenged the Sheik to a match. Steven took a pretty good beating from his opponent during the match.  At one point he pulled a 2x4 out from under the ring and did a great "Hacksaw" impression. In the end the Sheik was disqualified for using a barricade outside and in the ring against Walters. During the show I think my camera was smacked about three times from wrestlers being throw out of the ring and into the crowd."Good thing Jim's camera didn't smash into a hundred pieces or we wouldn't be able to see these incredible photos. Thanks as always, Jim!

The ring announcer helps an almost-undressed Walters backstage.


  1. The boy is HOT..!!!!! Face ! Body ! And that A**... HAVE MERCY!!

  2. He is a total cutie. Has that angelic face, but a heavenly body to die for. What a butt too.

  3. Looks great in his trunks. And then that last shot, WOW.

  4. North Carolina Boy, making good! Great shots!

  5. Great pic, thanks for sharing them!
    I have been following (salivating over) this hunk’s matches in the southeast since he started as part of the ‘New Wave’ tag team... I noticed he was due to be one of the Sheik’s victims for Pro Resistance and hoped they will put out a dvd of that match...
    but as much as I find Steven Walters to be hot, I heard him interviewed on a wrestling podcast back before the new year and found him to be amazingly dim ... sad to say: I guess he’s all looks ... (but what great looks, eh?)