Friday, February 17, 2012

Is It Alex Koslov or Peter Orlov?

You know how when someone gets famous and then for some reason, they decide to change their name, but the new name doesn't stick and you still refer to that person by their original name (like Prince becoming The Artist Formerly Called Prince and then going back to Prince again)? That's how I feel about FCW's Peter Orlov. To me, he'll always be Alex Koslov (the same way FCW's Antonio Cesaro will always be Claudio Castagnoli to me), which is the name he was using when I first heard about him a few years ago. So anyway, Orlov's contract with the WWE developmental company has not been renewed. Does that mean  he'll use the name Alex Koslov again? Let's wait and see. In the meantime, here are some shots of Koslov/Orlov that regular contributor David took while attending several FCW shows.  Aren't these photos awesome? Thanks, David!

Watch that hand!


  1. Awesome, indeed! (I always think of Seth Rollins as Tyler Black.) And is that Alberto Del Rio's ring announcer in the second picture? I'd heard he wrestles, but had never seen any pictures of him in action.

  2. What..the WWE development have let him go, wow what a surprise(!)
    Crazy they let these hot talented wrestles go.
    Cheers for pics, very hot!

  3. I so agree with Dr. Fever; I miss Rob Conway, Chris Masters, John Morrison, and now, Alex Koslov.

  4. Alex is one of the most gorgeous hunks in pro-wrestling. He looks so hot in the white gear. Sure would love to be that wrestlers hand in the fifth picture. Delicious.