Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Brothers Daivari (Round One)

Regular contributor Jim from Chicago emailed this set of amazing photos he took of brothers and tag team partners Shawn and Arya Daivari who now call themselves P-Dogg Millionaires at Resistance Pro on January 13. In his email, Jim included a report of the match which was originally featured on the Chicago Pro Wrestling Website and reads as follows: "Resistance Pro World Tag Team Tournament - First Round Match: The P-Dogg Millionares (Arya & Shawn Daivari) defeated Robert Anthony and Mr. 450 with a top rope splash/leg drop combo on Mr. 450. P-Dogg Millionares advance to round two in a very good hard fought contest." No word yet on when Round Two will be held, but Jim promises to be there. Thanks, Jim! 


  1. The Daivari brothers are hot! I think Shawn is the hotter of the two. Great body,especially that hot chest. Big nipples too! Want him to pin me.