Saturday, February 4, 2012

Looking Back

One of this blog's contributors, Bob.Seven, emailed me these image scans of two very popular wrestlers in the 1980s - Tom Zenk (aka Z-Man) and Sting. I was a huge fan of Zenk, but not so much of Sting. Maybe it was because of Sting's face paint...


  1. Great to see Tom Zenk again, does anyone know what he is upto nowadays?
    Seeing him and young Marcus Bagwell tagteaming made wrestling very entertaining to watch!!

    Sting used to look great to - his awesome arse in those tight day-glo tighs.
    Ahh, good ol'days of wrestling

  2. I agee with Dr. Fever. Tom Zenk always was great to watch especially in those hot pink trunks. What a butt. As for Sting, I loved him too despite the facepaint. Thought he was sexy in those days, and that huge bubble butt was always nice to look at.