Friday, February 3, 2012

Wreaking Havoc

Over at Ohio Valley Wrestling, manager Christian Mascagni and his stable of muscle heels are making trouble for the federation and its wrestlers. OVW reports that "Christian Mascagni has started collecting power from the OVW Board of Directors. Meeting and doing business in their off-site offices, Christian acts as the voice of the Board. With this voice, Christian has placed each member of the Mascagni Family into matches as examples to the rest of the roster about the cost of disobedience." Here are photos of what went down on February 1. You can watch the show here. (Photos by Pamela Barnett)
Jessie Godderz

Godderz vs Shiloh Jonze

Rob Terry

Rob Terry vs Paredyse

Marcus Anthony

Marcus Anthony vs Johnny Spade (Loser Leaves OVW match) Marcus really leaving OVW?


  1. The first pic of Jessie wow he looks great and then Rob looks sexy as ever too

  2. All three hunks are great to look at. Great bodies and nice bulges and asses make them stand out from the rest of the men. This is the reason why pro-wrestling is so homoerotic.