Friday, February 17, 2012

Coming Soon...Tristan Baldwin's Website

I don't feature a lot of BG East/Thunder's Arena/Can-Am beefcake in my blog (my friends who maintain the Ringside At Skull Island and Neverland blogs are already doing an excellent job at it), but I'm making an exception today because I just received news that Aryx Quinn, a name many homoerotic-wrestling fans may be familiar with, is launching his own website soon. Aryx is now called Tristan Baldwin and the good people behind his website tell me that there'll be lots of good wrestling action featuring Tristan coming soon and that "as you can see, Tristan is bigger and stronger than ever and ready to entertain!" For those who want to stay up to date as they get closer to launch, you can follow Tristan on Twitter @!/TristanBaldwin. Or follow his personal YouTube Channel I'll keep you posted on when Tristan's site launches. In the meantime, enjoy these beefcake shots of Tristan courtesy of his production team.



  1. He reminds me of Tommaso Ciampa (which is a good thing).

  2. I've seen Pic's of him when he was Quinn, Working HeadScissors on some luckie guy. Just look at his freeking Thigh's...believe me, being the Headscissor freek I am, I would let him lock his boots together and work my head all day long!

  3. Hey hey! Just wanted to drop in and say 'Thank You' for the exposure and support of both Beefcakes of Wrestling(BoW), and to all the fans as well. My 'end goal' so to speak, is to start trying to influence the adult movie wrestling industry in a manner that is more geared to reflect what the FANS what to see...not merely what the studios are serving up. Where have all the storylines gone? Why all the cliche matches? Time to mix things up a bit!

    -Tristan Baldwin-