Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dutch Treat

Here's Dutch pro wrestler Emil Sitoci posing, flexing, and working out (so that's how you get a body like his). See more of Emil in this music video featuring highlights from his European matches.


  1. He has a great body and love his pink suit, but he needs to cut his hair.

  2. Yeowza! Emil is HOT! I LOVE his exuberant energy, his superb gymnastic skills, his fit, muscular bod, and those nicely bulging, sexy pink trunks of his with the inspiring words, "BECOME WHAT YOU ARE" blazoned boldly across their front. He's a cute, fun, hot DUTCH TREAT!" Oh! I LOVE his hair. Don't you DARE cut it, Emil! This may sound a little weird, but he reminds me of a much younger, better built version of Dustin Hoffman. Compare them for yourself. Check out some pics of Dustin in the "The Graduate"...cute and sexy!

  3. Sitoci is Famous for his Scissor's. OH---to be worked between his Thigh's!!