Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What A Difference 5 Years Makes

Recognize this guy?

With Greg Marasciulo (now WWE's Trent Baretta)

It's Anthony Nese from 2007, the year he probably started wrestling professionally. And here are more recent pics of Nese taken during a match in New York. Some things just get better with age.

With Alex Zikos


  1. He loooks so much better with the shorter hair and the briefs vs those ill fitting tights

  2. I agree. Well said, "Leatherpigboy"! Anthony Nese DOES look WAY hotter sporting shorter, product-free hair, a trimmed beard 'n "stach", and snug briefs.
    Victoria's BW photos of Nese are visually stunning! I can't get over how the simple light/dark contrast makes Nese's well-defined abs just POP! Nese looks SO adorably cute in that last photo; like a little boy looking at a mountain of candy in front of him. He looks so completely happy! Whether he realizes it himself or not, NESE is the REAL "mountain of candy" that we'd ALL love to "dig into" and climb..."cavities" be damned!

  3. Well, he's a hottie in any case. I do like his look before, but I agree, he looks smoking hot with short hair, and tiny trunks. Gorgeous!

  4. Definitely better now, but he sure was cute!