Friday, February 10, 2012

Ronnie The Wrestler

I don't watch Jersey Shore, but I have seen promo spots for the reality show on one of the cable channels we have here in Manila. Of all the guidos on the show, the one who always catches my attention in the promo spots is beefy bodybuilder Ronnie. He may not get as much attention as The Situation or those two other guys, but Ronnie looks like he's the strongest one in the group. To my surprise, I came across a YouTube video posted on November 2011 of Ronnie and tag team partner Eric Young stepping into the ring to wrestle Robbie E and Rob Terry. Well, maybe the word "wrestle" is a bit of an overstatement. Anyway, see for yourself how he fared on the Beefcakes of Wrestling channel on YouTube.


  1. Aw, why can't Ronnie be wearing EY's gear?!

  2. Eric is sexy in a strange way. Love his undies.