Monday, February 6, 2012

Pac and Petey and Matt

Here are more pics that regular contributor Jim from Chicago took of indie wrestler Pac in a recently held match. As if one beefcake wasn't enough, Jim also shot muscle-heels Petey Williams (inexplicably wearing a mask along with his gladiator gear) and Matt Cross attacking the young high-flier after he won his match. Thanks for the great shots, Jim!

Petey Williams

Matt Cross

Hey, no fair! Matt joins Petey in attacking Pac.

Pac gets a little help from his defeated opponent.

Petey gets his just desserts.


  1. These three muscle hunks make me want to jump in the ring and get my ass kicked by them. Petey looks especially hot in that mask. Pac makes me wet.

  2. I agree ... The mask is working for Petey ... And Matt Cross is lookin' handsome ... Thanks for sharing these pix