Wednesday, February 1, 2012


One of this blog's regular contributors, David, emailed me this set of photos he took of Florida Championship Wrestling's Mike Dalton (6 ft. 1 in., 189 lbs.). David wrote, "here's a mix of the familiar with something new -- Mike Dalton. Not the biggest of wrestlers, but his dyed blonde hair seems a throwback to the wrestlers of the '60s, and makes for some interesting photographs." I agree with David; Dalton's dyed blonde job recalls the likes of Gorgeous George, but the length keeps it up-to-date. Look at how Dalton's hair almost seems to come to life in these shots. Thanks for the cool pics, David!

Is Corey Graves about to take a bite out of Mike's abs?

Antonio Cesaro is looking good here!

Read more about Mike Dalton here.

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  1. Thanks for this post, because I'm LOVING Mike Dalton! Love, love, LOVE the hair! And the body. They should call him Little Sexy Mr. Sexy Sex.