Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ball and Chain

Here's Brian McCarthy, the Belfast-born wrestler who's been wrestling in France for a few years now, in a chain match against Hellmer Lo'Guennec (posted to YouTube on August 29, 2016). The first two photos are from his Facebook account while the screen caps are from the video which you can watch here.


  1. Top of the morning to... well, me.


  2. And here we have yet another British/Irish boy, absolutely drenched in sexiness. What is in the water there?

    Impeccable ass, succulent legs, just the right balance of meat and muscle, pearly smooth lickable skin, tiny ass-hugging trunks, a face to kiss for hours, and - flawless, perfect skin.

    Yes, this young man has a future.

    (And if my obscene dreams come true, I'll be in it.)

  3. I wanted to know who the opponent was, so I searched. It is Hellmer Lo'Guennec, and the match is here (Anon.):

  4. ManFan 1, please leave room for me. You trumped my own feelings. Love those breasts.

  5. hey Bruno, I finally got around to viewing this match and really enjoyed it … I would have missed this if you had not posted about it so I appreciate your work on the blog. Thanks, Ray