Friday, September 30, 2016

Five Years Ago This Month : Beefcakes In Action Compilation

Although there were so many action photos posted on Beefcakes of Wrestling back in September 2011, I picked what I think are the best and most notable ones for your enjoyment. Let us know which images you like in the Comments section below.
Roderick Strong goes to town on Eddie Edwards' chest. 

Edwards retaliates.

All that chest pounding gets them hot. 

Anthony Nese's six pack in da house!

Must be hard to get a grip on your opponent when they're all sweaty
like that, eh Antonio Cesaro (aka Claudio Castagnoli)?

What did Alex Riley just smell?

What is TJ Steel doing to his opponent? 

What is Brian Nelson doing to TJ Steel?

That's one way to pin your opponent.

Latin Lover isn't feeling the love from Hector Garza.

A bear gets bearhugged (Michael Elgin vs Charlie Haas).

When you're done with your opponent, leave him out to dry.

Why rack one when you can rack two?

Don't get too excited now. There are children watching.

Let's make the wedgie a legal hold in pro wrestling. 

Yeah, this too.


  1. 1st Place: Claudio tormenting the ever-sexy Shelton Benjamin
    2nd Place: The third Edwards/Strong pic, where they are about to make out.

  2. The first rule of Homoerotic Fight Club is that there are no rules.

  3. There are too many too good shots of comely wrestlers in today's blog. Favorites ##1 &2 of Roderick & Eddie, both w/T J Steele, and the inviting tree of woe shot--even with the necessary suspension of belief since the beauty is actually quite "untrapped." Anyone know who he is.
    Drizzly, cold days in the Chesapeake. Stay warm, dry, and cozy wherever U R. TT

    1. I believe the beefcake in that tree of woe shot is British wrestler Robbie Dynamite.

  4. Love all the captions!

    Edwards and Strong continue to amaze me. They're not my type usually, but these are super hot pics! Charlie Haas is looking great from the side!!

  5. Edwards and Strong without a shadow of doubt. Strong is super-hot.

  6. Concur w/EliJav about loving the captions. Thanks for them, Bruno. TT