Sunday, September 11, 2016

Caption This!


  1. I've always wanted to know what a jobber tastes like.

  2. Buttery smoke. Warm and enticing, but not fiery. Sweetness of corn comes with tiny hints of baking spices, perhaps some nutmeg.

    Taste: Enters with hominy and buttered popcorn. The sweet corn is well-rounded with a natural sugar flavor that gives it both a savory and sweet flavor combined.

    There is a crisp freshness.

    Smokey notes towards mid-palette, with a surprising number of layers to dissect.

    Finish: More of the notes have hints of subdued hot peppers.

  3. Sorry to go off topic, but I have to share a video match I just found yesterday. The object of attention is Ryan Reign, who I believe has been featured here before. I have been thinking unclean thoughts all day. In any case, I have never seen him looking so awesome, he seems to have beefed up his shoulders, chest, and thighs. This match is from April, but it was just posted in full and HD the other day (Anon.):

    1. I don't see any other postings about him here.

      I like this opponent with whom he has a feud. Looking at this vid, which was published at the same time as yours, this may have occurred some time ago because he doesn't looked particularly beefed up.

    2. Great video. I live it when people post such matches for us. Thanks.

    3. Welcome. It has a great ending, too, which I will not spoil.
      The Ashton Amherst video TdC mentions is from a 2010 match, so, a lot has changed, for the better.

    4. I was sure Ryan Reign was here before, but I then I checked the list.
      A few people have taken a shine to him, including this YT channel owner:
      There's a match with David Star there, too. Anon.

    5. Thanks for the heads-up, Anon. I'll probably download that match to my hard drive (as I do with most Ryan Reign matches I find) because the promotion he is with appears to be attentive to copyright violations and usually gets them taken down.