Thursday, September 15, 2016

Body Shots : In The Ring

Fandango aka Johnny Curtis

Jesse Sorensen

Ryback aka Skip Sheffield

Renny D

Robbie E & Jessie Godderz

Chris "The Shark" Andrews

Ricky McKenzie

Tristan Archer


Seth Rollins aka Tyler Black


  1. Sorensen looking tip top these days. Wow Ryback is beefy; thx for reminding. Who is this Renny D and why haven't I heard or seen this guys fine ass before. Miss you Chris Andrews. So many hot guys I barely noticed Tristan. Guess mr archer needs to step up his game.

  2. Excellent assortment, Bruno. Thank you again.
    #1 Fandango is getting paunchy. I still want Curtis back, I guess.
    #2 Sorensen. Wish we saw a lot more of him.
    #4 Rennie D new to me. More, please.
    #6 Andrews sometimes reminds me of Rob Terry.
    #7 McKenzie new to me. More, please.
    #10 Black/Rollin magnificent torso, but spare me, please, the mop atop. He would make an ever-so perfect jobber, but I suppose that he is too far gone in career time to make that change.
    Now to Google ## 4 & 7. Wish me luck.

  3. I looooved Renny D but he unfortunately retired a few years ago. You can still find some of his matches on YouTube in excellent picture quality.

    Is that a recent Sorensen pic? I thought he was growing out his chest hair.

  4. Great pics of some of my very fav wrestlers. All have such great bodies. Fandango, Jesse Sorensen, BroMans, Chris Andrews are all simply superb.

  5. Jesse Sorensen is just...amazing.

  6. Unidentified is Juice Robinson from New Japan. He used to go by C.J. Parker at NXT/indies.

  7. I did a few (actually relevant) posts here yesterday, and none of them came through. Thought maybe Bruno put his blogmaster controls back on. If this works I will try again. Anon.

    1. OK, that worked. Yesterday was a strange day in general. Had a very nice Renny D match vs Craven Knyte (personal favorite and a blog veteran):

      And an alert regarding Sorensen. Paragon Pro Wrestling has put a whole bunch of its shows on Youtube, and the roster includes Sorensen, Wes Brisco, Alex Chamberlain (now tubby), Jeff Boom (fav of mine), Royce Isaacs,and Drew Donovan, among others:
      Enjoy them. Anon.

    2. There used to be another video of a Renny D vs. Craven Knyte match but it was taken down. I regret not saving it to my hard drive.