Friday, September 23, 2016

Body Shots : On The Ropes

Mark Jindrak aka Marco Corleone

Hugo Knox

Jake Something

Eddie Smooth

Mark Coffey

Chris Tyler

Darren Young

Chris Dickinson

Anthony Nese

Apollo Crews 

Alberto del Rio


  1. Good to see Chris Dickinson, looking as manly as ever

  2. Excellent assortment.
    3rd runner-up Alberto del Rio
    2nd runner-up Eddie Smooth nix glasses
    1st runner-up Chris Tyler
    best of the lot Mark Coffey
    Thanks to Bruno. TT

  3. I've always been a fan of Mark Jindrak right from his early days in OVW. He seems to have a home in Mexico. he has a great body and always looks fantastic. I just wish he was wrestling in the US so we could see him more often.
    NXT, please put Hugo Knox on TV. he looks so good but I want to see him in the ring.

  4. Jake Something's ass is certainly....Something.