Monday, September 26, 2016

Muscle Monday : Bicep Curls

Elliot Sexton

Jason Achilles Marriner 

Tyler Bate

Maxwell Jacob Feinstein

John Silver

Victor Dale

Mike Sydal (with brother Matt)

Johnny Moran and Mint Mike Mitchell

Jesse Vane

Radomir Petkovic aka King Konstantine

Johnny Curtis aka Fandango


  1. I don't know of Eliot Sexton but he certainly has a lot more than biceps to show off!! I'll certainly be searching YouTube for more of him.

  2. Great shot of Sexton, he has a longish torso that accomodates the belt nicely.
    Jason is a new one on me. For a moment I thought he was Jason Carrion (formerly Kross), but he seems to be a bit meatier and have unique trunks. Will add him to my list of wrestler vids to search for. Anon.

    1. Okay, there is nothing new under the sun. Jason Mariner is (probably the real name of) an English wrestler who wrestled under the name Jason Sweet Sensation (hence JSS on trunks). I encountered one of his matches on Youtube years ago, listed as Jason Sensation, first part is here:
      I saw and see no others on Youtube, but if one Googles "Jason Sweet Sensation": there are a few on Vimeo and DailyMotion.
      Cagematch appears to be down for maintenance, and I see no videos for him after 2014. Anon.

    2. Thanks for supplying us with Marriner's wrestling alter ego name. You can clearly see the JSS initials stitched into his trunks. I don't think he ever went by his real name when he was wrestling, but that was the only ID I could find on him.

    3. Sorry, go caught up in TT's odyssey into Greek mythology, and dropped the double R in his name.
      The 2014 video is much older than 2014, as are the others, but would not have found them if you had not brought him to our attention. Thanks! Cagematch has no matches for him after 2009. Anon.

  3. IMHO this is a near perfect BCoW post. There were pixs to relish and those pointing beyond themselves, calling for some research. There were some beauties and some not so pretty (viz the 1950's Hollywood persona of Bate. Why has he been allowed to escape a career-ending squash?). And there was at least one over-the-top name: Jason Achilles Marriner. You have to be a Hom(er/o) to appreciate that groan punctuated name. Next man from that stable has to be Homer Argonaut. Next diva Scylla Charibdis. Now to see what I can find about Jason in the way of other head-spinning pix. If Jesse Vane is a heel, I've got a perfect name for him: Bad Weather Vane,a/k/a Cock. Thanks for all the entertainment, Bruno TT

    1. Bate was easily my favorite in the group. A bad ass with pretty-boy looks? And that cocky pin-pose. Damn.

  4. Miss Radomir ... Sexton looks good, who I've been on the fence about sometimes ... sad that Matt Sydal has been going a bearded look