Saturday, September 3, 2016

Millennial Week : Tracer X vs Mason Myles

It's millennial vs millennial in this match featuring Tracer X and Mason Myles. Watch the action here. (This concludes Millennial Week on Beefcakes of Wrestling. Hope you enjoyed it.)


  1. Absolutely excellent. Orange trunks, yes! More Myles, please. TT

  2. So far no one has offered a guess as to why 99.00% of wrestlers circle the ring counterclockwise when taking each other's measure.
    Next question. Can anyone help with URLs of Jessie Godderz matches in which he gets at least a partial working over. Example:
    Thanks for any help. TT

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  4. Oh man, those muscles on Tracer X. Slabs of abs. Myles is way sexy, but I'm guessing Tracer can lift far heavier weights in the gym. More millennials please!!!!!!!!