Monday, September 19, 2016

Muscle Monday : Brian Cage

Here's someone who's been on Muscle Monday quite a few times...Brian Cage!


  1. Great post, Bruno ... I've never seen this "look" for BC (maybe becuz I've never followed "Lucha") but I like the look ... And all this time I thought he was naturally "smooth"... Hot chest...

  2. His legs are too skinny.

    His arms have no muscle.

    He looks weak. Anyone could dominate him with very little effort. He's a pushover.

    He needs to go to the gym, find a trainer, and bulk up on the protein.

  3. Lol ManFan1

    Good eye RayAtl! I assumed he was smooth too. He is maybe a little gay after all haha. Wait, I see his face with the bad wolverine side burns and the mohawk. Never mind.

  4. You would not guess it from these photos, but Brian Cage is a handsome man. there are photos in existence that prove this. Why does he have to uglify himself with awful haircuts, facial hair and horrible grimaces?

    1. Ditto cubed. You can see in a few of the pics in which he has a full head of hair. Anon.

  5. Brian Cage has a face? Funny, I never noticed.