Thursday, September 29, 2016

Body Shots : On The Ropes

Ivan Gromov

Hugo Knox

John Morrison

Tyler Hawke

Shawn Maxer

Richard Holliday

Renny D

Damian Dunne

Elliott Paul

Ryan Kross


  1. Damian Dunne, keep on keeping on. Whatever you are doing is bearing fruit, but next time toss out the belt, which undoubtedly covers interesting territory.

    Ryan Kross, you are probably stunningly well put together, but there are far too many distractions in the photo. Your chest barely escapes being overlooked. It cries out to be stretched out in a camel clutch or a sitting surfboard.

    Shawn Maxer, for shame that you cover so good a physique with gaudy "gear." Buy some almost-Speedos, get comfortable in them, and show forth your glory. How do you manage to wrestle with so ungainly a cod piece? It seems like your opponent would triumph merely by dragging you about the ring by your cod-covered-crotch. Hmmmm. Maybe that's not a bad thing.


  2. Ryan Kross's chest is magnificent.

    1. The man is in his 40s. He and Vic Capri, also in his 40s, sometimes tag team together and are inevitably the hottest ones in the ring. Anon.