Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Body Shots : Tag Teams

BROmance : Jessie Godderz and Robbie E.


Drew Gulak and Timothy Thatcher

Darren Young and Zack Ryder

Ivan Gromov (right) and another Russian whose name I forget.

Hot & Spicy : Da Mack & Alex Dieter Jr.

Ariya and Shawn Daivari

Mighty Militia : Johnny Moran & Mike Mitchell

The Fraternity : Trent Gibson & Channing Decker

The Revival : Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson


  1. Is it I, or is time not being a friend to Jessie G? I'd still like to see a match with him vs. Chris Masters. Frankly I don't think that JG is all that good at wrestling. Ogling, yes; wrestling, unsure yet. TT

  2. Team #2 is Randy Wayne & Cowboy Adam from Dallas, TX area promotions.

  3. Gulag and Thatcher look great as a team.

    And I love any pic of Zack Ryder. I think of him more as part of the Hype Bros with Mojo Rawley, but he always looks great.

  4. The Russian with Gromov is Vulkan or Vulcan, since it is transliterated from cyrillic, I guess it doesn't matter. Anon.

  5. The Russian powerhouse standing next to Ivan Gromov is "Vulkan". Some more photos, and vistors' posts about him, can be found at

  6. The BROMance look fantastic. Two of the best looking guys in wrestling. Jesse Godderz has THE BEST body.

  7. Jesse is unreal next to to Robbie. Unreally perfect. Upper bods are comparable, but check out those thighs! Was gonna joke about Robbie skipping leg day but I can't imagine he does.

    I wanna see Vulkan dominate Gromov so bad. We should try to be consistent with transliteration of Cyrillic if there was a std way.

    I wonder if thatcher and Gulak bring twice the painful holds on their opponents. That would be hot.

    At least Dash/Walters still has a hot chest

    1. Cyrillic is an adj describing an alphabet, not a language. More languages than plain old Russian use the Cyrillic (after Saint Cyril[of Antioch?]), and the same letter may be sounded differently from one language to another, so there is no transliteration which is specifically fixed for a given character independent of the particular language being spoken and transliterated. Thus Kiril and Cyril are equally likely, but I offer a guess that Vulcan is highly unlikely, with Vulkan more than likely as a transliteration of the wrestler saying his own name. Wiki has a good transliteration table for Russian alphabet characters. tt