Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesdays With TJ

If you followed the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, you already know that TJ Perkins was crowned the first-ever Cruiserweight Champion. Not up-to-speed on what this is about? You can read about the tournament and the results here. Here are some pics of the new champion. Congratulations, TJ! See you on Monday Night Raw.

The Final Four : Zack Sabre, Jr., Gran Metallic, Kota Ibushi, TJ Perkins

Semi-Final Match between Perkins and Ibushi

Perkins vs Gran Metallic for the title.

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  1. Is that the flag of the Philippines behind him?

    1. Oh, I just looked at the pic with the description that says he's representing the Philippines.

    2. Interesting. His baggy shorts have got to go, though. I would think they would interfere with a lot of moves.

  2. If Zack Sabre, Jr., Gran Metallic, Kota Ibushi, T J Perkins represented, respectively, the UK, Godzillastan, Japan, and the Philippines, at the risk of coming across as The Trumpster, I wonder who represented the good old USA? I have to agree that Speedos or very brief tights would enhance T J's appeal. TT

  3. Wow … Good for him (though those appear to be some significant bruises on his shoulder in the first pic.) TJP has been knocking around this business for years and I’m so glad the WWE picked him for this position (… and yes … he had to have been “picked” because this stuff is all predetermined “ya know”… despite some of your/our(?) fantasies). He is a much, better choice (imho) than the guy covered up in the Lucha costume and probably the asian guy too … I kind of thought they would go with Zack and Lord knows I would watch the hell out of him...

    uhm, a-n-y-way this is about TJ… I remember watching him as a fresh young worker but he has really blossomed over the years and gotten more handsome … TJ has tons of work on YouTube so I can’t pick out one favorite but whenever I’ve seen him its been good, and he does have typical trunks to wear so the sooner he gets out of these ridiculous baggy pants the better.

    1. ... and just thought I would throw in ... that first pic with the belt is really sexy.
      I appreciate Bruno posting this news since I would rather read it here than on most any other site ...

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  5. There were a total of 32 wrestlers in the series. The US, UK (with one man for Scotland), Japan, and Australia all had multiple representation. It truly was an international field.

    These are NOT the actual results, but the way it would have in my fantasy. But, you will find the names of all the participants:
    Round 1:

    Akira Tazawa, Fabian Aichner, Damian Slater, Alejandro Saez, Harv Sihra, Tyson Dux, Gurg Sihra, Daivari, Brian Kendrick, Tony Nese, Kota Ibushi, Clément Petiot, TJ Perkins, Tommaso Ciampa, Mustafa Ali, Jason Lee


    Kenneth Johnson, Jack Gallagher, Tajiri, Gran Metalik, Drew Gulak, Noah Dar, Hoho Lun, Raul Mendoza, Anthony Bennett, Sean Maluta, Cedric Alexander, Da Mack, Johnny Gargano, Lance Dorado, Rich Swann

    Round 2:

    Fabian Aichner, Damian Slater, Harv Sihra, Gurv Sihra, Tony Nese, Clément Petiot, TJ Perkins, Jason Lee

    Round 3:

    Fabian Aichner, Gurv Sihra, Clément Petiot, TJ Perkins

    Round 4:

    Gurv Sihra, Clément Petiot


    Clément Petiot

  6. Can't get enough of Petiot/Archer, but, if he had won, he would have stayed in WWE, and been ruined. At least now his matches will continue to be posted on the Internet, and they won't be against the same-old same-old all the time. Anon.