Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jake McCluskey's Trunks

Not too long ago, British wrestler Jake McCluskey posted on Twitter that he was switching from wrestling tights to wrestling trunks. Good news for those who like their wrestlers in skimpy attire, right? What do you think of McCluskey's trunks?

Chris Tyler vs McCluskey

 McCluskey vs Chris Ridgeway

McCluskey posted this photo on Twitter and Instagram last Sept. 13.
Is he back to wearing tights again?


  1. Trunks are better for many wrestlers the design specialy.He looks more dominant in trunks

  2. Work for me. Anon.
    Here's a tip, wrestler Jason Kross Carrion seems to have resurfaced, now wrestling under his real name, Jason Carrion, recent match:
    Wrestling pic:

    In addition to doing a reality TV show, he is a NYC firefighter, and made the cover of their 2016 calendar.

    1. Adorable! Makes you want to set your house on fire so he'll make a housecall!

  3. Why, oh, why, so much orange these days when anyone with a Nikon D7000 or better can easily correct white balance for orange. TT

  4. oh yeah Thumbs Up on the trunks …
    at least “thumbs” that is --- ;) ---

    but its not like the tights were all that bad. (Unlike the baggy shorts looks that seems to be gaining some traction nowadays … or being all covered up like (cough, cough) Roman Reigns... (and others but Roman needs some trunks and boots too...)

  5. I'm loving Jake, he looks amazing in his trunks,what a sight in the first picture