Tuesday, February 12, 2013

American Idol

Another beefcake wrestler who hasn't been featured on this blog in a while is Texas native Brett Idol (formerly Brett Barnes). This personal trainer by day/professional wrestler by night has been loyal to the indie federation he started out with, Texas Championship Wrestling. Here are some new-ish pics of Brett in action courtesy of this blog's friend Dr. Fever who found them online.

And here's Brett through the years. Remember when he looked like this?

And then he got even hotter.

Brett and Chris Sabin


  1. brett is damn hot. he is featured on alot of tcw videos and pics of events primarily after summer 2012. he looks hot inside and outside of ring taking punishment by heels or highflying. talk about beefcake.

  2. This is OT, but Joe has a post about hoe the IOC has just eliminated wrestling from the 2020 Games. Let's begin a campaign for restoration!

    An article about the politics:

    Darn, I can't paste it! Google the topic, it appears in the News heading. It's a LA Times piece.

    1. Heard about it from a friend. Here's the link to the article:

      What say you, wrestling fans?

  3. Brett has been a fav of mine for many years. Since his early (teenage?) days in Can-Am. I liked him even more when he changed his name to Brett Idol and took a heel turn. He has one of the best asses in wrestling!!

  4. If only more of our fav wrestlers offered us a chance to get hot and sweaty with them (..oi, I mean his personal training!!)

    Im ready to cancel my gym membership here and travel over to USA so I can have 1on1 sessions with Brett