Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hey Josh!

A good friend of this blog who wishes to remain anonymous emailed me these photos he took in Nov. 2012 of indie beefcake Josh Daniels. It's been months since this blog has featured the handsome heel from Syracuse, New York. Oh Josh, and here I thought you had retired from pro wrestling. Glad to know you haven't left. (Click on each photo to see a larger image.)


  1. Oh Josh...
    probably my fav from the indy scene.
    Cheers for these photos.

    We used to have a wrestling tv channel in the UK (but it soon ended) and I watch episodes of 3PW and saw this young wrestler filling out a pair of blue tights ...we'll I have been a fan of his since.

  2. I'm going to have to look at a video of this guy. In these pix, he looks very handsome, but his body doesn't send me. But I know that a body in motion can be a different matter.

    I've noted that handsome and sexy aren't always to be found in the same person. I was surprised yesterday to see a poll that asked the question "Is handsome the same as sexy?".

    In short, the answer is no. It's a uncommon combination. Some of the sexiest guys I've ever seen, while very rarely ugly, are definitely NOT handsome.

    And some fantastically handsome men have all the sex appeal of an unsculpted marble pillar.

    Why does this spell-check want to separate the un from all the words with it?

  3. Went to YouTube. He is better in motion, but still just short of true sexiness.

    But there are some good matches: 2002 vs. a very young, arrogant Rob Eckos, 2003 vs. Mike Kruel, and two matches vs. Tony Nese, one fairly recent the other is a pre-beard, long-haired Nese.

    BTW, Dr. Fever, I looked at a number of 3PW matches and never once saw him in blue tights. Maybe you're confusing him with someone else?

  4. Here is a young Josh Daniels in 3PW
    he enters around 1h 4mins into video.

    I few years ago I came across photos of Josh when he briefly wrestled as a character called The Mailman or The Postman or something similar, he was wearing a singlet (yes, it is criminal to cover his upper body, but we got to see his legs) I can't find these photos now - does anyone know about this character of his, or any photos or videos??

  5. I apologize Dr. Fever. When I watched the match with Kruel, he was in fact wearing blue tights. For some reason I focused on the part of it that was black and zoned out on the blue.

  6. I looked at several sources that give all the gimmicks that a wrestler has used throughout his career and since he started in 2002, they show that he has only been known as Josh Daniels. Perhaps THIS is a mix-up?

    1. I cannot find anything about this now, grr..its really frustrating!!
      I think I saw the photos on a site like smugmug/coons etc. Josh was only in a couple of matches dressed like this character. Think the photos i saved of this are lost on an old pc somewhere

  7. The only wrestler I could find who used a mailman's uniform as part of his gimmick for a short while was WCW's Curtis Thompson, better known as Firebreaker Chip, as US Male. Chip used a firefighter gimmick.

    In images his body has a general resemblance to Daniels, but you probably wouldn't get them confused easily.

  8. I think Josh Daniels is even better looking now than he was before.

    Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Curtis Thompson!

  9. This guy is beautiful, how have I missed him? Please show more photos of this wrestler.

  10. Josh was acting in recent episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories - i've not seen it yet (anyone know any links to watch this episode in the UK?)
    He sells well in wrestling, so im intereted to see him acting in a tv role.

    ..I just hope there are some shirtless scenes

  11. I don't know if you can get Vimeo in the UK, but I can't think why not. Here's links that may be helpful:

    Josh Daniels Celebrity Ghost Stories (full segment) on Vimeo
    ► 13:18► 13:18
    4 days ago
    Full Celebrity Ghost Stories segment of Josh Daniels portraying country music star Jimmy Wayne ...
    Josh Daniels Reel v0 on Vimeo
    ► 3:46► 3:46
    Feb 21, 2013
    Josh Daniels Demo Reel Version 0.0 A work in progress. Showcases acting work from ...

    1. Cheers for these links, i've been wanting to watch him.. this