Saturday, February 9, 2013

Don't Cross Chris

It's been a while since I posted anything on indie wrestler Chris Dickenson (I checked, it's been almost 2 years!). When I last posted pics of Chris, he was lean and athletic-looking. Chris has undergone a transformation since then. Look at him here. Words like beefy and thick would probably best describe his body now. I'm not complaining though; I think it suits him. These pics are from Chris' tag team match (with partner Eric Corvis) against Aaron Epic and Sugar Dunkerton from the National Pro Wrestling Day event held in Philadelphia on Feb. 2. (Match Photos by Scott Finkelstein)

Aaron Epic and his tag team partner win the match.

Miffed at not winning the match.

Chris circa 2010


  1. Im so glad that after all these years of wrestling, Chris still cant get a pair of trunks to fit him properly.

    Love his great beefed up body and mean/hard attitude.

  2. MUCH Hotter all Beef'd up, without a doubt. Along with is new attitude..and Mean facial expressions...Bigger FAN here. Pic #11..His attitude towards the crowd as he is ready to Pull Epic up from the mat to administer more of a beating..YUM! Pic # 12..Epic holding onto his leg for dear life, knowing Chris is ready to land into him. Pic #13.. Epic taking a kick full force..Pic #14..Chris' face say's it all as he punishes Epic's arm...I LIKE the new Dickenson.

  3. great to see chris dickinson back wrestling. he has seriously beefed up. shame he shaved the hairy chest he has had with awhile, still he has the biggest cock in wrestling