Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oh Brother!

What's better than one Daivari? Why, two Daivaris, of course! Here are brothers and tag team partners Shawn and Arya Daivari. Now if you had to wrestle one of them, which Daivari would you choose?

Shawn vs Arya (oh yes!)

Shawn Daivari

Arya Daivari


  1. Choose? CHOOSE? That's like choosing between ice cream and pudding or brownies and cheesecakes. I'm thinking food because I want to bite those pecs and chew on those nipples. Never before have I wanted so badly to be the cheese in a sandwich. Daivari's... YUMMM!

  2. Actually, I my choice would be Shawn, hands down. He's gorgeous, and has a rocking body! Great chest too!

  3. Shawn, Agree with hellcatedy - awesome chest and body