Friday, February 8, 2013

High Intensity

Every pro wrestling fan knows that Feb. 2 was National Pro Wrestling Day and to celebrate it, many independent companies brought their finest wrestlers together and held a special show in Philadelphia, PA. Some of the indie companies that participated in this event were Ring Of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW),  CWF Mid-Atlantic, and Absolute Intense Wrestling who brought these two warriors to compete against each other in the Afternoon Card. (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)
Ethan Page

Your winner - Josh Alexander!


  1. Looks like a hot match. Love 11,12,14,and 15 the best. Especially 14 and 15 pics since they have their faces in each other's crotches.

  2. Ethan Page is so hot - a great body and an oh-so-cute face, how could anyone want to hurt him?
    Ok, I understand wanting to pull his trunks off (pic10) but to hurt such a beautiful muscle guy like that, how can they live with themselves!?

    - but thankfully, there are guys wanting to hurt hot guys like Ethan, purely for our pleasure

    Wrestling.. you gotta luv it!