Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bury My Heart At Wounded Nese

Remember that photo I posted a couple of days ago of a beefcake wrestler being pinned by a heavier opponent? Some of you may have guessed that the man being crushed by the bigger guy was no less than a favorite of this blog, Anthony Nese. Although Nese had the advantage at the beginning, he ultimately lost the match to Dan Maff. Maybe he'll win his next match.

Look at Nese fly!

Coming soon: Exclusive pics of Nese in agony.


  1. nese always be my favorite cause he always update his photo on his fb

  2. I'm getting worried... Nese's beard is starting to grow on me (pictures like #5 certainly don't hurt!). I'm even not turned off by Cena's tan knickers (they frame his onion a lot better than the jeans and camo shorts, although I wish they were tight like Stone Cold's). Does this mean I will someday not hate Cody Rhodes' To Catch A Predator mustache? Somebody help me!

  3. Praise Herakles, patron of wrestling, posting is back!

    If it was anything you did, thanks!

    And I LIKE Cody's mustache. It adds a spicy dash to his hotly sweet physique.

  4. Nese is so hot suffering...look forward to more! Thanks!

    And I agree about the beard--getting used to it! (Maybe it's because it looks like on Greek statues and the Olympics-wrestling debacle has made me all patriotic.)

  5. Nese is one of the Hottest Boy's in the ring these day's. Incredible Body, Tan, Face, U name it, he is indeed a pleasure to look at...BUT..a picture of him getting worked over, punished or in a state of sheer suffering ie: The very last picture...YUM !! I could watch this boy suffer 24/7....

  6. Just a note to fellow posters: I got an e-mail from Bruno telling me that his laptop crashed and he may not be able to post for awhile. So if you don't see updates for a period of time, it's not because he's ill, too busy, or just neglecting us loyal followers.

  7. I like seeing Nese make tubs of lard (like me :)) suffer, so I prefer #s 6, 10, and 15.

  8. Thanks for sharing these great pix! Dan Maff is the epitome of the Old School Heel ... Add Neese to the match and the equation is complete for rockin' rassling

  9. Just about every time Nese appears in the posts here I complain because he always seems to lose.

    Well, it seems I have a valid complaint. I checked his match record since 2005 and he has a nearly 50% win record. You may say that're that doesn't sound all that impressive until you realize how unusual it is to have that high a percentage. In all the wrestlers' records I've examined only one had a better than 50% record, an Indy guy.

    So there are plenty of eligible wins to show. Since Bruno seems to be as fond of Nese as I am, I can only conclude that the photogs just aren't present when he wins or they have some bias against showing him victorious.

    Photographers, if you have images of Tony in matches that he's won, PLEASE share them with us.

  10. Recent matches:

    TNA X-Travaganza '13 Taping
    Jan 12th 2013 Douglas Williams & Kid Kash Def. (Pin) Rashad Cameron & Tony Nese
    EVOLVE #18: Gargano Vs. Callihan
    Dec 8th 2012 A. R. Fox Def. Tony Nese
    DG USA Freedom Fight '12
    Nov 4th 2012 Papadon & Tony Nese Def. Caleb Konley & Scott Reed
    HOH Debut Show
    Oct 6th 2012 Tony Nese Def. (Pin) Alex Reynolds
    EVOLVE #16: Style Battle Finals
    Jun 30th 2012 Johnny Gargano Def. Tony Nese
    EVOLVE #15: Gargano Vs. Taylor
    Jun 29th 2012 Tony Nese Def. Mike Cruz
    EVOLVE #14: Generico Vs. Del Sol
    Jun 28th 2012 Tony Nese Def. Alex Reynolds, Johnny Gargano, Lince Dorado Four-Way
    CZW Best Of The Best 11
    Apr 14th 2012 Adam Cole Def. Tony Nees Dark
    ECWA Super 8 Tournament '12
    Apr 7th 2012 Papadon Def. (Pin) Anthony Nese
    TNA IMPACT! Taping
    Mar 19th 2012 Austin Aries (C) Draw (NC) Anthony Nese, Kid Kaos, Zema Ion Four-Way Elimination TNA X-Division Title
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    Dec 13th 2011 Zema Ion Def. Anthony Nese
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    Dec 13th 2011 Anthony Nese Def. Zema Ion
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    Dec 12th 2011 Zema Ion Def. Anthony Nese