Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hell Yes!

Yes, Jason Hades, yes. After losing all the email in my inbox to whatever forces there are out there that causes this sort of thing, getting these pics of Hades cheered me up. These were taken by regular contributor and good friend Jim from Chicago. Jim says, "I took these pics of Jason Hades wrestling Prince Ali Mustafa back on Feb. 2 in La Salle, Illinois. Some fans said it was the best match of the evening and I have to agree. There was a lot of action outside the ring including Jason being slammed then pummeled by Ali on a table. In the end, it was Hades who won the match." Thanks for brightening my day, Jim! Looking forward to your next contribution.

1 comment:

  1. So Jason Hades is wrestling again? I thought he had retired? I have seen him in action a few times, and he is gorgeous and hot. What a body!