Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nese vs. Papadon (Part 1)

Thanks to a friend of this blog, Latinorazzler, for bringing my attention to photos of a match between Anthony Nese and Greek God Papadon. I posted a few teaser shots from this match a couple of days ago and now it's time to bring you more of the action. I'm breaking it down into two posts because there are just too many great pics of Nese and Papadon battling it out and it was hard deciding what not to include. By the way, this ECWA match is from July 2012, months before Nese started growing his beard out. Stop growing your beard, Nese! Amyway, watch for the exciting conclusion of this bout in the next post.

It's all about the lighting, am I right?

His hair still looks perfect.

Boot to the face.


  1. Ah, perfect-beard Nese! (I tried to get used to his big new beard 'cause it IS his face after all, but I miss his perfect trimmed beard. Still hot though.)

    ...WHY is Nese so damn hot??

  2. I don't know WHY Nese is so damn hot, Stay Puft, but I totally agree that he IS! :) That first pic is like sex on two legs!

  3. Nese looks more like a Greek god or Demi-god than Papadon does. Anyone want to assign him an avatar? Aside from Herakles, I can't bring to mind anyone specifically linked to wrestling or the pankraton. Research time!

  4. Aside from Herakles' opponents, Antaios and Akheleos, can't find any others.

    In looking for this, I took three quizzes, "Which Greek god do you most resemble?". Two agree that I'm most like Dionysos and the other result was Apollo. This is character, not appearance. In appearance I'm more like the Hobbit, Fatty Bolger. But I can use my imagination, can't I?

  5. Ah, the sensible beard is back. Now the off putting fuzz has gone, I can concentrate on that body... :)

  6. True, Nese is One Incredible LOOKIN boy. But, a picture of him being Punished by Papadon makes him That much more Beautiful to me. He's just to Darn pretty not to SUFFER!