Monday, February 11, 2013

Newer, Meaner Mason

Thanks to this blog's good friend and regular contributor David for sending in these exclusive pics of Mason Ryan (formerly Barri Griffiths). David took these photos of the Welsh-born wrestler at a recent NXT show in Florida. He writes: "They (WWE Developmental) seem to be working on a newer, meaner image for Mason Ryan -- if this match is any indication. His victim here is the son of singer/songwriter/actor Kris Kristofferson, wrestling under the name of Garrett Dylan." Thanks for the pics, David! It's always a treat to see photos of Mason.
Is Mason getting bigger or what?

Nice!  I love it when they stand over their opponents like this.


  1. Thank you so much! Mason Ryan is my favorite, can never get enough of him.

    And Kris Kristofferson's son? How crazy is that?

    P.S. Mason sure is looking great!

  2. I thought that he'd taken a darker turn quite a while ago.

    I don't know what the kinetic visual version of the classic actor's complement of "I'd be enthralled even if he was just reading the phone book.", but that applies to Mason.

    And I'll try to find out more about Dylan. Sounds like an intriguing story.

    You realize that you have a Welsh wrestler in a match with a guy using the name of a famous Welsh poet as his gimmick?

  3. Garrett/Jody is 6'1", 260#, been wrestling since 2008. He's the second son of KK's third marriage. In some early pictures he looks fit, but he's bulked up since, and not in a good way. Looks bloated.

    Now his Dad...he was an athlete in school and looked very hot. In his prime, he had a nice set of abs. More muscle and he'd've been ring-worthy. My mind reels as I imagine him in sort of a Jekyll/Hyde or Two-Face persona. Depending on Fate or his whim, either a really mean Texas sidewinder heel, or a badass face. Mmm...mmm!

  4. I would love to know his stats!

  5. Mason is 6'5" or 6", 285 #. Unfortunately, it's hard to find figures for wrestlers' biceps, thighs, calves, forearms, chest, or waist, if those are the stats you're wondering about. I found discussions, for example, of his bicep size (too big?, due to steroids?, etc.), but no figure, even in speculation.

    I'd think that the muscular guys, especially those with a background in competitive bodybuilding where those stats and their progress are regularly published, would realize that some of their fans would be curious about them and make them available.

    Hey, if any pro wrestlers lurk here, pass the word. Curious minds want to know!

  6. Gotta say, Mason looks great, But..Garrett ( KK's son) is by far my Fav. in these shots. Short hair, Blonde beard, more natural build and from what I can see, a real cutie. Now when it comes to the last shot of Mason standing over his victim...I'd LOVE to know how he FINISHED Garrett off.

  7. P/S guy's...If you really LOOK at picture #5 where Mason is about to land his boot to Garrett's Back...Garrett's higher cheek bones and longer chin area....Totally KK's son....he carry's his dad's features.

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