Thursday, February 14, 2013


Sure there's a lot of wrestling beefcake out there, but for now, I want to shine the spotlight on a couple of real ring technicians. Yeah, they're not as huge or as thick as the wrestlers you'd typically find on this blog, but Drew Gulak and Francis O'Rourke are just as fit and athletic as most of the guys here. What really impressed me about these two is that just by looking at these match photos, you can tell what phenomenal wrestlers they are...not high-flyers, not brawlers, but wrestlers. No video on YouTube yet, so these images will have to do for now (there is another match with these two; watch it here). These pics are from their match on National Pro Wrestling Day, Feb. 2, held at Philadelphia, PA. (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)

See more of Gulak on his YouTube channel.

Gulak makes O'Rourke submit.

Mutual respect.


  1. man would luv to have a tussle with either of them.

  2. They look like they could be related. The trunks are how to keep them straight.

  3. There is something really hot about a wrestler not wearing knee pads. Drew is a good looking wrestler, but I think he looks even sexier with the lack of covered knees