Saturday, February 16, 2013

This and That

Okay, I couldn't find a common theme for these images other than the fact that they're all about your favorite and mine -- pro wrestling. So just sit back and enjoy the view. First off...
Caption This!

Secondly, remember that post on Mason Ryan that appeared here a few days ago? His opponent in those pics was Garrett Dylan who happens to be the son of singer/songwriter/actor Kris Kristofferson. Well guess who attended a NXT show featuring Garrett Dylan a couple of days ago? Mr. Kristofferson himself. Yup, proud Papa was in attendance to see his boy win in a tag team match against British imports Oliver Grey and Adrian Neville. Thanks to a good friend of this blog, David, for taking these shots and sharing them with us.

The Kristoffersons enjoy the match from the front row.

Next, here's Ross Von Erich showing off a shiner he got when wrestling in Japan. Put a steak on it, Ross. Preferably kobe beef.

Lastly, you know that wrestlers face a lot of risks when they step into the ring, right? Well apparently, so do the referees. This poor chap faced the wrath of OVW's Doug Williams at a TV taping recently. Oh c'mon, Doug! He's just a kid! What a bully!


  1. Caption: Ooo! Your melons are nice and firm! Bet they go well with my banana!

  2. Caption: "Do you work out?"

  3. Awesome pics, as always. Can anyone tell me who the guy in gray feeling Justin Gabriel's ass in the first pic is?

  4. Looks like Leo Kruger to me. (Like Justin, Kruger is also from South Africa.)

  5. Thanks!

    Caption: Wow, I can see my future in your ass.

  6. Mmmmmm. Oh YEAHHHHH! I can't wait to TAP THIS in the shower later! DAMN!!! Now I'm gettin' HARD! I sure hope that my BONER doesn't show in these long pants! I should be O.K.