Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Cat's Meow

A regular contributor and good friend of this blog, Jim from Chicago, emailed me some brand new photos of one of my favorite Beefcakes, Vic Capri. Jim writes: "Saturday I went to a city about 100 miles southwest of Chicago called La Salle to catch a Dreamwave wrestling show. Vic Capri had his debut in Dreamwave last night against Lince Dorado."

Nice shot, Jim!

"The crowd favored Vic and endlessly taunted Lince by yelling "Meow" and "Here, kitty, kitty" because of his outfit.  I guess that was enough to get Lince angry so he bit Vic's pecs to which one fan hollered "Hey! This is a family show!"
The Bite.

Even though Capri lost to Dorado, Jim said it was quite a hot match.  Thanks for the awesome pics, Jim! Can't wait to see what you'll have for us next time.


  1. Jim, cheers for these awesome photos.

    You can't blame catboy (or whatever his name is) from nibbling on those pecs, I would too...
    it's just that damn atlantic ocean that's stopping me trying too!

  2. I can imagine sating my appetite on many parts of Vic.

    Another of my favorites suffering yet another loss. Damned promoters!

  3. Lince Dorado/GOLDEN PUMA(?) was CRAVING Vic's "MAN-MILK". What LINCE obviously DOESN'T know, is that Vic's been blessed with THREE "milk dispensers"!!! The THIRD dispenser - located just south of the border - only offers up a SPLASH of the white, protein-rich "stuff"...but it's just SUCH GOSH DARN FUN "EXTRACTING" it! (And Vic REALLY "GETS OFF" on the extraction process, too!) In that second to last pic, Vic appears to be checking Lince's "OIL" with his "SOUTHERN" MILK NOZZLE. Mmmmm. Lucky Lince!

  4. Lince had a feast on those hot pecs of Capri - very hot pics!