Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Body Shots

Happy New Year!!! Here are 13 Beefcakes to welcome 2013. Cheers!
Robert Roode

Vic Capri

David Otunga

Christian York

Zack Ryder

Garrett Bischoff

Shelton Benjamin

Scott Reed

Davey Richards

Anthony Nese

Fabiano Relento 
Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel


  1. This is an awesome and sexy way to ring in the new year. All 13 hunks are well worth being on the list. Shelton Benjamin is a welcome sight. Love the sweat on him, and always loved his bulge too.

  2. Happy New Year, Bruno! Looks like 2013 is off to a hot start... keep the beefcakes coming! :)

  3. Happy New Year, looking forward to seeing what treats you have in store for us this year.

    Tasty selection here-
    Vic Capri ..what a body!
    Fabiano Relento is a new one on me, cheers for the introduction

  4. A Happy New Year to U Bruno...thanks for the many incredible Postings you gave to us in 2012...Im more than sure you're going to make 2013 even BETTER !!
    Every one of these men are indeed incredible !!
    But this Fabiano Relento...OMG...DE-LIC-IOUS!!!

  5. Happy New Year! I'm with Dr. Fever and Jobber N Florida re: Fabiano Relento... new to me, too, and sooo hot! Your pics of him and Tony Nese have me wishing for a match between these two studs. How hot would that be?!