Saturday, January 26, 2013

Caption This!

One of this humble blog's regular (and awesome) contributors David emailed me photos of Dolph Ziggler -- sporting a black-eye -- making an appearance at a NXT show in Florida. This photo really stood out...

So, fellow Beefcake aficionados, it's time to put on our thinking caps once again and come up with a caption for the pic above. Here are the other pics David took of Dolph (real name: Nick Nemeth) that day. Feel free to come up with other captions for these pics if you like. And thanks again for these great shots, David!
Dolph's opponent here is his real-life brother, Ryan Nemeth.


  1. "Uhmmm, Dolph...are you copping a feel?"

  2. grrrr - so much better than a buddha belly!

  3. I still can't see too well outta this right eye; PLEASE tell me that he's NOT standing on a chair, and that what I'm touching now is his bulging "PEC" and not his "JUNK"...For God's sake, PLEASE!?!?!

  4. Hey, wasn't he supposed to be a short guy? You Guys know I can't see well, Ohh! Damn!