Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Da Fonz Is Back

It's been a while since I posted anything on Tony "Da Fonz" Delfonzo. Here he is with his tag team partner, brother Eddie aka "Bam Bam" facing the duo of The Whaling Crew in a Top Rope Promotions show held on June 29, 2012 in Brockton, Massacheussets. The Delfonzos didn't win this contest. Maybe brother Eddie needs to get in the ring a little bit more next time; seems like Tony is doing all the work here. (Photos by Paparazzo)


  1. GREAT lookin' wrestler...DISGUSTING LOOKIN' TRUNKS! More and more wrestlers are wearing these "diaper-like", puffy, nylon wrestling trunks, which, more than anything else, remind me of "DEPENDS!" What's goin' on? What ever happened to bulge-huggin', ultra thin, spandex/cotton mix? Look at Tony's trunks...I'm SURE that at least SOME of that "puffiness" is a result of his "MORE THAN AMPLE-sized manhood"...but it's tough to tell if anything's there at ALL!

    C'MON, GUYS! BACK TO THE MORE "REVEALING", LESS "CONCEALING", thin, stretchy 15% cotton/85% spandex wrestling trunks...and let us all, once again, get back to SEEING every "INCH of MAN" that you are! (Anybody ELSE with me on this???)