Sunday, January 6, 2013

Monday's Masked Men

Here are some images of Mexico's exciting masked luchadores in action. Read more about the history and significance of masks here.


  1. MmmmmmmmONDAYS!!! I can't thank you ENOUGH, Bruno! Have you ever seen the two Mexican lucha porn movies, - "LA PUTIZA" - and its sequel - "LA VERGANZA"? They're both available (online and in full) for FREE! "LA PUTIZA" can be found at:

    and "LA VERGANZA", at:

    There's lots of HOT, RAUNCHY, "IN-THE-RING" action in LA PUTIZA, like a hot FACE PIN" which soon be-"CUMS" a carnal feast for the jobber hero of the film as he bites open his masked opponent's spandex red trunks and digs into the unsuspecting dudes invitingly sweaty, "man-scented" hole. The rimming job is VORACIOUS! The hot, young Mexican ref gets in the action too! This MONDAYS' "MASKED MEN" Blog entry started me thinking about those two movies.

    1. Thanks for the links and info, Mike.

  2. If ONLY what transpires in these FILMS' wrestling matches were to happen in the WWE ring! Can't you just imagine the ratings' "SPIKE" were Orton to "EAT OUT" Cena's hot, sweaty, cleanly-shaven, puckering butt-hole and then flip over and start gorging on his long, thick, throbbing, veiny member, while at the same time, fondling/squeezing Cena's two, large, silky-smooth balls... and on NATIONAL TV, too! (Now THAT'D be a ratings grabber!) And both Orton AND CENA would be wearing brightly-coloured, "Speedo"-styled, spandex trunks!