Friday, January 18, 2013

Captions Courageous

I've always been wary about writing funny captions for some of the pics I post here on my blog (what if no one gets my sense of humor?), but what-the-heck...I'm going to give it a try. These photos are all from the same event, a Top Rope Promotions show held in the summer of 2009. (Join in and write a caption for the last pic or any of the pics you see here.)
"Nobody move! I dropped a contact lens."

"I might as well work on my tan while I'm down here."

"The invitation said to come in business attire, so I did."

"Dude! A purple nurple? Really?"
"Let's see which one of you muscle-boys makes the best seat."
"No! No! No! That's not the way to spoon!"

"On the count of three, push! Ready?"

"Another win, another $5!"
Write a caption for this shot, readers!


  1. Hey, Ma, do you approve of my new boyfriend? You can see that he's strong and handsome and will do an over the knee back breaker if I get out of line. Just like you, Ma!

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  3. Stop this nonsense you must return to the ring ... Wait a moment please, just let me admire the guy in business attire from here some more

  4. Honey, when I said I wanted you to carry me over the threshold, I didn't mean my pain threshold!

  5. "No, not here. There are children watching."

  6. ALRIGHT! THAT'S IT! I've HAD it! I KNOW that these are your "NEW LEATHER BOOTS" and that you don't want to get them "DIRTY" before the match, but I SWEAR...I WILL NEVER...(EVER!!!)...AGAIN...CARRY YOU INTO THE F*CKIN' RING! They're JUST BOOTS, for God's sake! (DAMN!!! This is SO F*CKIN' EMBARRASSING!!!)

  7. Just out of curiosity, who are they? And are they opponents or partners?