Saturday, January 19, 2013

Texas Threeway with Brett Barnes

I thought I'd seen every Brett Barnes (aka Brett Idol) video on YouTube, but apparently there are still a few out there that have escaped my attention. I came across a video of a threeway match from 2003 featuring Brett Barnes vs Fast Eddie vs Don Juan (all from Extreme Texas Wrestling). The video is dark in some places and the camerawork isn't the best out there, but the match is fun to watch and well, what can I say? It's got Brett Barnes. Watch it here.

Baby-faced heel Fast Eddie

Brett gyrates...but for whose viewing pleasure? 


See Brett suffer!

Watch the video to find out who won.


  1. Hot pics! Brett Barnes is sooo sexy! Thanks Bruno :)

  2. brett defines blond beefcake.he was total hottie early in career and cyberfights. haven't seen much of the stud lately. anyone know where he hides out in texas?

  3. Brett has been one of my favs for many years - since his early days on Cyberfights. I really liked the heel turn when he became "Brett Idol". He has a great body and excellent wrestling skills. Why WWE never picked him up is beyond me.

  4. Brett always delivers, he never fails to give us an 'entertaining' match to watch!