Monday, January 21, 2013

Made In France

French wrestler Tom La Ruffa. Need I say more?

Tom is now wrestling as Sylvester Lefort for WWE's NXT Wrestling.

"I am not a big guy, but I will do some big things."


  1. Who's the big guy that has him in a bearhug in the third last pic?

    1. That would be Phenomenal Khent, an American heel who wrestles in France. Check out a couple of older posts on him here by clicking on his name in the column on the right.

  2. He is sexxxxxy! Hair, muscles, cocky attitude, major bulge, skimpy tights wrapping a firm meaty ass... a dream!

  3. As the saying goes, "Good things come in small (but well-muscled) packages!"

    I liked his gladiator gimmick very much. Does anyone know whether there's ever been a match between two guys both using that gimmick. I know of others that have used it and the tag team of Terry and Magnus, but can't think of anytime when there was a ring gladiatorial contest. I think it'd be hot and wild!

  4. Tom is a bearhug ..oh thank you!

  5. He's gorgeous and sexy! He needs to bearhug me.

  6. LaFuffa is one hot sexy muscle dream. Likin those pecs, that bulge and hot ass especially.