Thursday, January 3, 2013

It Would Take A Strong, Strong Man

Anyone recognize that lyric from a 1980s song? Anyway, here are more pics I found of Ring Of Honor wrestler Roderick Strong. He's not the biggest, most muscular wrestler out there, but the man can wrestle (plus, he's handsome). These images were culled from various Tumblr accounts. Hope you enjoy 'em. Oh, and let's say hello to the new members who've just joined this humble little blog. We're now up to 325! Welcome to Beefcakes of Wrestling!

Last week, I posited that Strong kind of resembles actor Ryan Reynolds. What do you think?

Face to face with Eddie Edwards.

Strong, Colt Cabana, and Matt Sydal (aka Evan Bourne)

With Matt again.

With Joey Ryan.

With a pre-WWE CM Punk (middle).

Without his pants.


  1. Most of these photos could be promo shots for the latest Here!tv show
    ..but that photo of him and Eddie Edwards is just so hot. Gay men everwhere are shouting "kiss him, just kiss him!"

  2. Rod Strong's VERY SEXY! That final video clip above with his diverted eyes locking on me, that KILLER smile, and then...that WINK! OHHHHH! That WINK!!! WOW!!! (Grrrr!) You're right! He DOES resemble Ryan Reynolds...a LOT! I LOVE that pic of Rod flexing with Matt's "goofy grinning" face resting upon his shoulder. They sure do make one HELL of a cute couple! The pic of Rod and Joey's HOT too! Look again at Rod's boyish expression as he looks up at us from atop Joey's muscular thigh. Ahhhhh! He looks SOOO SWEET! Yep! Rod's just GOTTA be a player for OUR "team"! Look again at that B&W pic of Rod and Eddie Edwards' above; Rod looks like he REALLY wants to RAVAGE Eddie's HOT mouth, and then slowly work his way down from there to that massive BULGE in Eddie's snug tights! (Eddie's ASS looks MIGHTY appetizing, too!)

  3. Oh! By the way, Bruno..."It Would Take a Strong, Strong Man," is Rick Astley's '80's HIT!

  4. Roderick may not be one of the biggest wrestlers but he IS one of the sexiest! Those candid shots with Colt, Matt and Joey are just sooo hot! And that smile and wink... *swoon*

  5. ..also very true 'the man can wrestle'. As mentioned, he might not be the biggest ..but he is one very talented wrestler in the ring.

    A few years ago I saw photos online of him getting choked in a rope or chain type of match. The photos were very hot. I can't find them now, does anyone know of this match/have the photos?

  6. Curious if anyone can read the little signs Roderick, Colt, and Eddie are holding. I think Roderick sucks d----s, f--- you I'm sexy, stuff like that. Just interesting that those are the kinds of comments these studs decided to write on their signs...

  7. Good call, Wrestling Arsenal! I thought the same thing when I noticed those signs... very interesting indeed!

  8. Chris aks Roderick is VERY POPULAR in his neighborhood, too. The women groaned when he got married last year.

  9. YUM !!! Roderick had made my heart thump for years...NO NO NO....Please don't tell me he's married! Im soooooooooo Depressed !!! :(