Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You Are Cordially Invited...

On Jan. 19, 2013, Pro Wrestling Syndicate held its "Student Clash" show in Metuchen, New Jersey. I'm assuming this was a show wherein the indie federation's wrestling students faced off against the professionals in its roster. One of the matches in this show was billed as The Anthony Nese Invitational.   Prior to the action in the ring, Nese "invited" students to wrestle him (lucky students, am I right?). A "heel-ish" Nese quickly disposed of his first opponent, The Marvelous One. Then he easily defeated his second opponent, Marcus Right. But in the end, Nese was disqualified which meant his last opponent, Matt Vides, took the match. Hmmm, what can you say about Nese's thick beard? (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)

"Who wants to challenge me?"

"Well that was easy," he said with his tongue peeking out.

"I didn't even break out a sweat. Who's next?"

Getting your head caught between Nese's thighs? A Plus.  Good work, student!

"Don't mess with the teacher!"

Bad Teacher gets disqualified.


  1. Not crazy about the beard but, really, who could take their eyes off of that insanely hot bod long enough to even notice?!

  2. I agree with Anonymous.

    I wish I could be his student. I'd love to have individual tutoring, extra credit work, inappropriate contact with teacher. Even detention would be a positive experience.

  3. Thankfully he does have a body that looks like it has been chiseled from stone ...cos whats going on with the beard? It now looks like he has stuck on his chin bits of fluff from (I dread to think where!)
    He still does have an amazing body and he would be one of the most handsome wrestlers without the facial beard/now..not sure what it is.

    But.. how lucky is that guy in Pic15 ..I bet he didn't fight hard to move his head away from between those thighs!

  4. Dear God that man is instant boner material.

  5. I think that a tag team with LeFort would keep us hard for a looong time!

  6. And I thought I hated the facial hair on Cody Rhodes (who looks like he should be on To Catch A Predator)! But I agree, I'm rarely looking at his face when Tony Nese is in the ring!

  7. I like the beard. It's real Zeus-y or Poseidon-y or something. But with that damn body and his sweet face, he could be wearing a Medusa snake-wig and STILL be (as Anonymous said) "instant boner material"!

  8. Hate the beard. Love the body.

  9. It looks like he's an extra for the "Spartans 300" film, it doesn't suit him.