Friday, January 25, 2013

The Grumpy Cat of Wrestling

Is Canadian indie wrestler Marcus Marquez the Grumpy Cat of pro wrestling? What, you haven't heard of feline internet sensation Grumpy Cat? This pouting cat has been featured in dozens of memes and TV talk shows. Check out Grumpy Cat on Tumblr here and here. Anyway, back to Marcus Marquez. This blog's hardworking contributor Jim from Chicago snapped these shots of Marquez back in August 2012. Jim says, "Back in the hot month of August 2012 on the 24th I happened to be in Windsor Ontario Canada taking in a Can-Am Rising show.  Marcus Marquez and Josh Alexander took on Brent B and Vega in a tag match.  Marcus is a pouter as you can tell by several of the shots.  He and Josh ended up losing the match after a pretty good battle."  He's a pouter indeed! Thanks for the pics, Jim! Can't wait to see your next contribution.

And this is Grumpy Cat.


  1. Marcus Marquez is the best. That chest and back just makes me swoon. That pout is also super cute too.