Sunday, January 13, 2013

Will Brian Cage Be Signed To TNA?

Indie wrestler Brian Cage was featured on last week's TNA Gut Check, a competition which sees an "aspiring" wrestler being evaluated by a panel of judges with the ultimate goal of winning a contract with TNA IMPACT. Cage's opponent in this Gut Check episode was Jay Bradley (you can watch the match here). The judges will give their final verdict this Thursday, Jan. 17. Will Cage be signed to TNA? Let's wait and see. (Read more about Cage on Gut Check here.)

Watch Brian here.


  1. GRRRREAT GRRR-EEN TRUNKS 'N TIGHTS, BRI! (I sure hope that you end up making it onto TNA's "IMPACT"!)

  2. I've got mixed feelings about high quality wrestlers moving into major promotions. So often the organization diminishes them for some reason beyond understanding. I know it's a big move career-wise, with salary implications, but still....

  3. Instant boner material.